Apps for Math

We’ve been on the hunt this year for Ipad/Iphone apps that would be useful for math.  Here’s what we’ve found so far:

SketchExplorer – This is an app put out by Geometer’s Sketchpad.  It has some neat premade sketches that come with it and you can also upload your own sketches from GSP. 

WolframAlpha – This app tells you everything about anything!  Type in any math word, non-math word, equation, anything and it will give you more information than you ever wanted to know!

Free GraCalc – A handy graphing calculator that includes a graphing function, tables of values, triangle solver and polynomial solvers.  Easy to use interface.

Nearpod – This app is kind of cool, although I haven’t quite decided how I would use it.  It allows the teacher to show a powerpoint-type presentation on each student’s iPad.  The teacher controls the pace of the slides but students are able to interact with each slide at their own pace.  You can add videos, polls, survey’s, questions, and other features. 

Protractor 1st – a simple but useful protractor that shows measurements in degrees and radians

oScope Lite – An oscilloscope that measures decibles vs. time of sound.  Great for introducing periodic functions using instruments or voice. 

Qrafter – A QR code generator and reader.  You can make scavenger hunt type activities with these, or just add them to a worksheet or assignment for hints or interesting facts.

Quick Graph – Another graphing calculator which allows you to graph functions in 2D or 3D.

Skitch – A neat app that lets you add details to photos, maps, or documents and save them.

Video Physics – Allows you to take a video and analyze the motion of an object with a distance time graph.  Some premade sketches are included. 

MyScript Calculator – Write a numerical expression with your fingers and the app will calculate the answer.

DragonBox – A game that explores algebra concepts with kids hardly even knowing it!  It’s a bit pricey… but it’s fun!

A lot of reading I’ve been doing about ipads in the classroom emphasizes the fact that it’s not the effectiveness of the app that matters, but rather how the teacher uses it in the classroom.  We think the best apps will be ones that allow kids to use the iPad as a tool (Videophysics, oScope Lite, etc.) that allows them to see and explore the math.  Comment if there are any great apps that you have been using!


4 thoughts on “Apps for Math

  1. John Scammell

    Thanks for the heads up on DragonBox. It’s brilliant. Pricey, but brilliant. I am struggling with it, personally. The concrete steps for manipulating equations are so engrained in my brain, that it’s hard for me to let them go and explore that app without thinking of everything as a number or variable. I can see that starting with that app would have helped me have a deeper understanding of why I was manipulating the equations the way I was taught to.

    1. themathletes Post author

      I felt I struggled with it too and wondered if it was my “training” that was getting in the way of it. I wish I could experience it with fresh eyes as a student would. I think I need to find some “untrained” students and try it out with them.

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